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Transportation Security
Vehicle security throughout
the supply chain.

By 2030, 96% of new vehicles will be connected. In a competitive automotive supply chain, including OEMs, Tier 1-2 suppliers, retailers, post-sales, and smart infrastructure service providers, collaboration where cyber safety is as prioritized as physical safety is essential within this complex market landscape.

To safeguard the connected vehicle ecosystem against diverse cyber risks throughout the entire lifecycle, we have developed an extensive portfolio of transportation cybersecurity solutions. Our experts, equipped with deep vertical cybersecurity expertise, assist you in adopting a more cyber-safe approach to the vehicle creation and exploitation process. We ensure your compliance with the latest vehicle cybersecurity standards, providing peace of mind for your operations.


Secure your mobility ecosystem today and tomorrow. Safeguard your vehicles, systems, and production lines from cyber threats, gain compliance with industry standards, detect vulnerabilities, and enhance your team’s expertise.


Ensure compliance and identify areas for improvement in your cybersecurity posture. Conduct a comprehensive vehicle framework audit by our team of vertical pentesters, assessing your systems against industry standards such as IEC62443, ISO/SAE21434, UNECE R155-156, and more.


Structure consultancy in both OT/ICS and Transportation cybersecurity. Our experts ensure the cyber safety of your production lines, vehicles, and individual ECUs throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle. We help you comply with IEC 62443 and other relevant standards, providing expertise and guidance.


Detect vulnerabilities in vehicles, systems, components, and communications with V2V and V2I systems and proactively address them gaining confidence that your systems are resilient against cyber threats. Our penetration testing covers production sites and backends, enabling us to prioritize discoveries and develop a cross-domain security gap elimination strategy.


In-depth data analysis for efficient detection, response and investigation of cyberattack attempts and help OEMs to meet regulatory requirements, ensuring the implemented cybersecurity measures are effective in resisting emerging cyber threats and detected vulnerabilities.


Enhance cybersecurity knowledge among your mobility teams with a range of training programs. We offer general and advanced automotive, maritime and other cybersecurity training for technicians, as well as cybersecurity awareness programs for backend users.


Automotive cyber range with key functions of a real car – inside a practical suitcase that includes all the latest technologies to test the vehicle system, standalone component and V2V, V2I communication resilience to cyberattacks.

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