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Audit, Offensive and Governance.
Unlock Cyber Resilience
and Define Your Value-Based Roadmap.

We recognize the challenges you face when considering changes in cybersecurity, as it can be difficult to determine if it’s worth the investment when everything appears to be functioning normally. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your cybersecurity posture to define a value-based roadmap for success. Our Audit, Offensive, and Governance pillar goes beyond adding more technologies, addressing gaps and enhancing resilience across your infrastructures.

Our approach integrates security audit, governance, and offensive security techniques, processes, and tools into vast security solutions. We assess potential exploitation vectors of identified threats and evaluate the response of your protection systems. By validating your cybersecurity measures, we ensure your defenses align with real-world scenarios.


Experience comprehensive cybersecurity excellence by eliminating vulnerabilities, empowering your strategy, elevating skills, and being prepared to effectively manage cyber emergencies.


Evaluate your security management and fortify your defenses. Highlight critical aspects and gaps against leading frameworks, providing a clear picture of your cybersecurity status. We cover a wide variety of security standards, including NIST CSF, National Cybersecurity Framework, ISO 27001 and multiple vertical compliance standards, making us invaluable for combined projects.


Strengthen your network’s resilience without additional technology purchases or management burdens. Assess, structure and harden Active Directory (AD) controls to be a target difficult to attack and foil lateral movements in case of a security breach.


Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities across systems, applications, and networks. Our automated and manual examinations assess your IT environments or their parts, targeting critical exposures. Realistic Red Teaming and Adversary Attack simulations test your team’s readiness.

Penetration Test for Arduino Opta

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Empower your cybersecurity strategy with expert guidance. Our dedicated C-level cybersecurity professional develops and implements a robust plan tailored to your organization. Bridge talent gaps, ensure effective planning, and receive support for your critical projects.


Elevate security skills across your organization. Our comprehensive programs cater to non-IT, security professionals, and C-level executives. Reduce risks from a wide range of cyber threats through regular user training and customized simulated attack campaigns. Dedicated in-class training is available for security teams based on their unique objectives and requirements.


Proactively prepare for cybersecurity incidents. Our structured incident response plans with various SLAs ensure swift and precise response. Experience peace of mind with our anxiety-relieving service, backed by a dedicated incident response team and a tailored plan b for a case of cyber emergency.

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