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Welcome to HWG Sababa, your trusted partner for cybersecurity.

Founded in 2023 through the merger of HWG, a prominent Italian Security Operations Center, and Sababa Security, an innovative cybersecurity provider, we offer a comprehensive suite of tailored security solutions. As a ‘Made in Italy’ company, we operate globally in over 20 countries, safeguarding digital infrastructures across diverse sectors. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, we combat rapidly evolving cyber threats with advanced technologies and expert talent. Our mission is to help enterprises build robust systems, ensuring the security of your data across all domains. Discover confidence and peace of mind with HWG Sababa, as

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We make you cybersafe!


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HWG Sababa?



We protect our clients’ digital infrastructures through cyber resilience strategies that are compliant with the articulated regulatory framework



Our services are tailored to suit clients’ needs, addressing specific security requirements of different industries



85% of our team are highly skilled and certified analysts who have the expertise to relate on a technical level with any CIO



We are constantly looking for new and advanced solutions for IT, OT and IOT environments to meet the ever-increasing cybersecurity challenges


How secure is your business?

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White Paper

«The beating heart of cybersecurity, the Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors, analyzes, and responds to digital threats in real time»


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