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Industrial Cybersecurity
Bridging the Security Maturity Gap:
Empowering IT and OT Convergence

In an increasingly threatened industrial landscape, where critical infrastructure sectors are frequently targeted, our industrial security solutions address the unique challenges faced by organizations. From threat intelligence to proactive defense measures, we empower you to safeguard your critical assets and prevent costly breaches.

With our expertise and in-depth knowledge of OT/ICS environments, we help you navigate the complex and rapidly evolving industrial cybersecurity landscape effectively, ensuring the resilience and safety of your operations.

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OT Security Assessment

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s OT security posture and bridge the gap between IT and OT maturity levels. As companies strive to enhance overall security, assessing the maturity level of OT infrastructures becomes a crucial first step. Evaluate the presence, documentation, and application of security processes in your OT environment against the New Machinery Regulation, IEC62443 and other OT security compliance standards to identify areas for improvement. Assess readiness to respond to cyber incidents, identify and analyze anomalies in OT systems, and benefit from actionable insights to strengthen your OT security and overall posture.

OT Penetration Testing

Strengthen your sensitive ICS environments with specialized vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services, backed up by deep vertical expertise in working with sensitive ICS environments, understanding the unique challenges and security requirements they entail. We provide comprehensive insights into the architecture, operations, and vulnerabilities of your ICS infrastructure, including hardware, software, and industrial protocols. By simulating real-world attacks on OT devices like SCADA, PLCs, and IIoT, we identify weaknesses and recommend protection and hardening measures to fortify your automation systems.

ICS Component Onboarding

Assess the cybersecurity of new components before integrating them into your secured system, ensuring compatibility and protection. We conduct comprehensive technical and compliance assessments to evaluate vulnerabilities of the individual components, both standalone and as part of your system. Our assessment aligns with the “New Machinery Regulation” (NMR) issued by the EU, prioritizing cybersecurity in machinery and equipment. Comply with regulations, mitigate risks and safeguard your system from potential cyber threats, ensuring a cyber-safe onboarding process and uninterrupted security for your production line.


Empower your OT security strategy with expert guidance. Our dedicated C-level OT CISO advisor will design and execute complex cybersecurity projects tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Leveraging his expertise, we bridge talent gaps and ensure effective planning for critical projects. Receive comprehensive support as our advisor engages additional vertical security experts when required, leading cybersecurity initiatives and providing valuable second opinions to your internal CISO. Benefit from a robust plan that addresses both IT and OT environments, supporting your organization’s cybersecurity posture and safeguarding your critical assets with confidence.

Secure OT Plant

Secure your OT plant with seamless integration of OT security solutions into your ICS environment. As your trusted partner, we collaborate with leading industrial security vendors to design, implement, configure, manage, and maintain robust security measures for safeguarding your industrial networks, firewalls, and endpoints. Rest easy, knowing your critical infrastructure is continuously fortified against cyber threats, with minimized downtime risks.


Enhance your security observability with seamless integration into the OT domain. Our Industrial SOC goes beyond IT, collecting and analyzing data from dedicated OT security solutions. Proactively recognize cyber-attacks before they disrupt industrial systems and processes. Enjoy customized protection for legacy systems, including outdated PCs and older operating systems. Benefit from network integrity monitoring and precise management of industrial communication protocols. Our dedicated OT SOC ensures continuous monitoring across plants and controlled machines, safeguarding critical infrastructures from potential cyber threats.


Empower your organization with comprehensive OT Training solutions. Our Security Awareness program delivers online training personalized to employees’ knowledge levels, cultivating a security-focused culture and mitigating human-related risks. Enhance cybersecurity skills with our Advanced Training OT, covering fundamentals of information security, protection systems, secure network architecture, and industry best practices. Empower your workforce with the expertise to effectively safeguard OT/ICS equipment, ensuring a resilient and secure operational environment.

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