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Cyber Polygon
Test and improve your internal security readiness and competences across IT, OT and IoT domains.

Enterprises often face significant challenges in enhancing cyber resilience across IT, OT, and IoT domains. Strengthening cyber defenses necessitates developing specific competences among diverse teams and stakeholders. The lack of real-world environments for safe attack simulations and the absence of expert guidance complicate preparation for cyber emergencies, particularly for enterprises with sensitive environments and distributed teams.

Achieving robust cyber resilience requires tailored training and practical experience in handling cyber threats effectively across the organization’s diverse infrastructure. Our specialized services address these obstacles, providing comprehensive crisis simulations and immersive training to equip teams with the necessary skills and experience to respond swiftly and confidently during cyber crises.

Crisis simulation

Experience real-world readiness with crisis simulations. Through live in-class training, we equip your key management team to swiftly switch to a plan B in the event of a cyber emergency. Participants will define practical action plans to mitigate simulated cybersecurity incidents, such as when core operations like ERP, CRM, and email are compromised, and critical data is lost. Prepare your team for any eventuality, ensuring they respond effectively and confidently to cyber crises, safeguarding your organization’s reputation and minimizing disruptions to business operations. With our hands-on approach, your team will be well-prepared to tackle cyber challenges head-on.

Crisis Management

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Cyber range

Elevate your cybersecurity expertise with our advanced cyber range. Tailored for security analysts, it evaluates, validates, and enhances their threat hunting and investigation skills. Engage in immersive Red/Blue Team training within an environment furnished with SIEM, EDR, and other essential security elements. Our “capture-the-flag” activities leave attack traces, prompting the objective to reverse situations, comprehend events, and retrieve crucial attack evidence. Through hands-on exercises, your team gains invaluable experience, mastering incident response and threat mitigation.

Complex attack simulation

Conduct the ultimate test of cyber resilience by simulating a complex attack. Delve deep into a broader training context, assessing the behaviour of selected centralized or distributed teams navigating fragile infrastructures while following critical remediation plans. Our in-house developed Phishing and Spare Phishing Attack kill chain challenges your teams with realistic scenarios. With four internal competence centers driving project development and execution, we ensure an immersive and comprehensive simulation. Strengthen your organization’s defense capabilities, identify vulnerabilities, and fine-tune your response strategies in a risk-free environment. Gain the confidence to tackle complex cyber threats head-on and safeguard your critical assets with unmatched proficiency.

Compromise Assessment

Empower your security investigators to conduct a comprehensive compromise assessment. Equipped with advanced toolsets, they practice detecting and collecting explicit data about ongoing attacks during lateral movements, ensuring a full network scan over a 4-week period to detect any ongoing attack signs. Our expert analysis allows us to recommend tailored remediation strategies, swiftly mitigating cyber exposure. Stay one step ahead of potential threats, upskill your security teams, and safeguard your critical assets with precision and speed, gaining valuable insights into your network’s vulnerabilities.

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