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HWG Sababa: Premium Partner at the PLUS-Forum Digital Uzbekistan 2024

HWG Sababa, an internationally recognized cybersecurity provider , will be participating in the prestigious PLUS-Forum “Digital Uzbekistan” for the third consecutive time. The event is set to take place in Tashkent , Uzbekistan, on June 12th and 13th.

This high-profile event will delve into critical issues related to the interaction between government entities, banking institutions, and the retail sector within the Uzbekistan landscape. With a focus on fostering economic and technological advancement in Uzbekistan, the forum aims to establish an international network of industry stakeholders and drive forward innovative projects.

Featuring valued speakers and public sector representatives with extensive expertise across various industries, the PLUS-Forum “Digital Uzbekistan” offers an unparalleled opportunity for companies to showcase innovative solutions and establish valuable connections.

HWG Sababa will join the forum as a Premium Partner, standing alongside esteemed organizations in finance, fintech, and cybersecurity, including the multinational Paloalto Networks. HWG Sababa will have a dedicated exhibition stand, providing attendees with insights into its premium cybersecurity solutions and services.

The cybersecurity sector in Uzbekistan is undergoing substantial growth, driven by the development of innovative technological solutions aimed at securing critical infrastructure and financial and commercial institutions. In this context, HWG Sababa is committed to supporting local entities in fortifying their defences against cyber threats.

Among the distinguished speakers at the conference is George Shebuldaev, Managing Director of HWG Sababa – Central Asia, who will present on hybrid security management models in Uzbekistan. Shebuldaev will join a panel of renowned international experts to discuss the region’s primary needs and strategies to effectively enhance security management systems.

HWG Sababa has a strong presence in Uzbekistan, with a branch in Tashkent that serves numerous clients in the banking and financial sectors. “Since 2021, we have strategically focused our efforts on Central Asia, particularly Uzbekistan, providing cybersecurity services to local companies across diverse sectors, from retail to banking” , says George Shebuldaev, Managing Director of HWG Sababa – Central Asia. “Our participation in the PLUS-Forum ‘Digital Uzbekistan’ presents a valuable opportunity to explore new possibilities and share our vision and solutions for a secure digital future in the country.


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