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HWG Sababa and VILNIUS TECH extend their partnership with a new cybersecurity course

partnership with vilnius tech

The partnership between HWG Sababa and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) – an important research centre in the field of computer engineering with a strong presence in the cybersecurity area – is continuing this year.

Known for its research into cyber defence systems, VILNIUS TECH offers a wide range of IT security courses – including classes in network security, software security, cryptography and much more – and collaborates with several companies and organisations operating in the cybersecurity sector, to develop innovative solutions and train future professionals in the field.

The partnership between HWG Sababa and VILNIUS TECH, established at the beginning of 2021, represents an important opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and skills between the academic and business worlds, aimed at building a network of experts and professionals and creating synergies that can be used to tackle cyber challenges more effectively.

SOC Methods and Technologies for Information System Defence

Following last year’s success with the SOC Methods and Technologies for Information System Defence course, the two parties worked side by side this year to include it again in the IT Security Master Program, though going to explore new topics. The program started in February 2023 and ended in May, with a total duration of 38 hours.

The course, divided into several modules, aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the activities and tools used by Blue Team professionals, including analysing and monitoring information systems, identifying vulnerabilities, and verifying the effectiveness of security measures to counter cyber-attacks. The programme also included insights into the use of SIEM for threat monitoring automation, vulnerability management, and advanced threat hunting techniques. The NIST Cybersecurity Framework for identifying risks in critical infrastructures, the incident analysis and response process, and the challenges related to industrial environments were also examined.

The main objective was to provide participants with the practical know-how necessary to work alongside professionals operating within a Blue Team. In fact, the course was not purely theoretical in nature, but also practical and application-oriented, with specific exercises and the presentation of group projects at the end of the training. This dialogue between theory and practice enabled the participants to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the lessons and gain hands-on experience in the field to face cybersecurity challenges right from the start.

We are happy about the confidence we have while collaborating with HWG Sababa. This company demonstrates an approach of not just taking from university, but contributing as well for increasing students‘competence, industrial and international experience. It is one of the rare cases in Lithuania, when company introduces and fully delivers a separate topical course”, commented Prof. Dr. Nikolaj Goranin, Head of Department of Information Systems at VILNIUS TECH and Supervisor of the Information and IT Security Master Program.

The collaboration between HWG Sababa and VILNIUS TECH is an excellent integration of academic and practical knowledge in the field of cybersecurity. The participants in the project actively worked to achieve an advanced level of competence in analysing and monitoring information systems, identifying vulnerabilities and managing incidents”, commented Marco Fattorelli, Sales Engineer at HWG Sababa and Course Lecturer, “Unlike many university programmes that focus mainly on theory, the course we offered embraced both the theoretical and practical aspects, providing students with the essential tools to face real challenges in the cybersecurity landscape. This initiative not only offered an opportunity for in-depth learning, but also acted as a catalyst for the development of high-level skills in participants, contributing to the future of the industry”.

A long-lasting partnership

The strategic partnership between HWG Sababa and VILNIUS TECH resulted in the opening of the Vilnius SOC in September 2021, making HWG Sababa the first Italian company to inaugurate a Security Operation Centre in Lithuania – a country renowned in Europe for its strong attention to cybersecurity.

The close cooperation between the two parties has a twofold objective: on the one hand, to provide university students with the indispensable know-how to work in the field of cybersecurity and on the other hand to enable HWG Sababa to recruit young professionals in an increasingly critical sector where the shortage of talent is constantly growing.

Given the excellent results achieved in the past two years, HWG Sababa and VILNIUS TECH are already working to replicate the initiative in 2024.

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