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Arduino chooses HWG Sababa to assess cyber-resilience of Opta product

arduino opta cyber resilience

Arduino is a world leader in open-source hardware and software, with millions of developers worldwide. The Arduino ecosystem has been chosen for IoT, Industry 4.0, AI and ML projects on the edge in different sectors, including industrial and building automation, smart agriculture and many others.
As part of the go-to-market strategy for Opta– a micro-PLC with Industrial IoT capabilities – Arduino took steps to verify every security aspect of its product, seeking out the best player on the market capable of conducting a Penetration Test and assessing the cyber-resilience of the system.

After an analysis of proposals received from various cybersecurity providers, HWG Sababa emerged as the preferred option . The deciding factor was the exceptional attention to understanding and responding to the client’s specific needs, avoiding the need for detailed explanations. By setting the dialogue on potential procedures, tests and other relevant aspects right from the start, HWG Sababa demonstrated not only an in-depth understanding of the market, but also solid industry expertise, laying the foundations for a fruitful and constructive partnership.

Led by HWG Sababa’s Offensive Team di HWG Sababa,the Penetration Test is a specialised service to assess the security posture of a target system. It begins with a thorough vulnerability assessment that reveals the weaknesses of the environment, application or system involved. Experts then take on the role of ethical hackers, stepping into the shoes of potential adversaries and proactively verifying the degree of exploitability of the vulnerabilities discovered, assessing to what extent they may impact the overall level of security.
At the end of each activity, the Offensive Team provides comprehensive reports detailing the vulnerabilities found and the methodologies used to exploit them. In addition, operational guidance is provided, enabling organisations to effectively correct them and strengthen their security posture.

HWG Sababa’s Penetration Test is a versatile service with a wide range of application: from Wi-Fi to network analysis, from mobile to desktop application assessment, the activity also extends to complex IoT and OT environments.
In particular, the OT Penetration Test allows companies to identify vulnerabilities and assess the resilience of systems that control and monitor physical processes in critical infrastructures such as manufacturing plants, power plants and other industrial facilities.

Once the Penetration Test activity was completed and the final report delivered, Arduino immediately set to work to address the highlighted vulnerabilities.

At the end of the activity, we provided the client with a technical report, outlining the steps taken, actions performed, and flaws discovered, accompanied by a strategic remediation plan”, explained Raffaele Forte, Head of Adversary at HWG Sababa Arduino adopted a proactive approach, further classifying and prioritising vulnerabilities according to their perceived importance. To begin with, the client focused on those technical areas where internal management and resolution were not only feasible, but also strategically imperative”.

Andrea Richetta, Head of Pro Customer Success at Arduino, commented: We were pleasantly impressed by the professionalism and expertise demonstrated by the HWG Sababa team throughout the entire process. The report not only highlighted areas for improvement, but also proposed effective remediation strategies. This allowed us to promptly address problems, define risk levels and strategically implement mitigation actions. The next step is to release a document that will serve as a proof of Opta’s security level”.

Expressing satisfaction with the collaboration with HWG Sababa, Arduino not only plans to review the same technology, but also expressed a strong interest in extending this activity to other products in its portfolio.


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